MBA IT Research Projects

  1. Data Warehousing Projects .
  2. Wireless Projects
  3. Admires Associate Database Management and Integrated Reporting System 113p
  4. Analog Filters a Current Conveyor Based Approach Engineering and Technology 211p
  5. Analysis of Power Aware Routing Protocols in Adivac Network.
  6. Automated Trading Stratergies and Operational Strategies for Future Market
  7. Automatic Irrigation System
  8. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Thesis 204p.
  9. Border Gateway Protocol BGP Test Plain
  10. Chit-Chat (A Complete Chatting Software)
  11. Compressor Less Portable Refrigerator
  12. Computer Network
  13. Computerization of 18th livestock Census 2007.
  14. Control On Migration of Delhi’s Population Via Roadways.
  15. Care Banking Solutions Thesis
  16. Credit Card Account Number and Bank Routing Number Validation Technology
  17. Credit Card Analysis
  18. Data Mining Applications in Mercer India Pvt Ltd.
  19. Data Privacy and Protection
  20. Design and Development of Routing
  21. Design of an Agent Based Context Driven Focused Crawler Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering Thesis 183p.
  22. Designing a Point –to- Multipoint System for a Bluetooth Network.
  23. Different Type of Access Network Test and Measurement of Optical Fiber System
  24. E- Waste Management in India Thesis 100p.
  25. E-Banking
  26. Falling Balls Game
  27. Fast Food Chain Delivery Systems
  28. Fiber System Different Type of Access Network Test and Measurements of Optical Fiber System 97p.
  29. Networking Design and Configure a Network Having its Main Center Office in Delhi and Two Branch Office in Delhi and One in Bombay.
  30. Networking Development of Linux Firewall Based on Netfilter 81p.
  31. Networking Project Management System
  32. Online Abstracting System
  33. Organizational Information System Assignment
  34. Organizational Information Systems
  35. Parameters Prevalence Of Peptic Ulcer Based On Different Parameters M.Sc Home Science.
  36. PC Based RF 4 Device Control
  37. Performance and Potential Management System
  38. Product Life Cycle Management System
  39. Production Management Information System Java & Oracle 219p
  40. Promotion of Software and Hardware Products in Corporate and Educational Institutes Softdot Synopsis.
  41. Reliance Communications Market Analysis of SMES Prefences Towards IT Solutions
  42. Reliance Communication Analyse The Market Share Of Different Companies Lt Products Used by Sme’s in Industrial Area of Manesar 82p
  43. Role of IT In Aviation –E-Ticketing.
  44. School Monitering System
  45. SDG IT Service Desk Implementation
  46. Software Infotech Promotion of Software and Hardware Products In Corporate And Educational Institutes With Special Refrence It 186p
  47. Software Infotech Promotion of Software Products in Corporate and Educational Institute
  48. Speed Control Of D.C. Motor Using Wireless Technology
  49. Sport Complex
  50. Stock Based System (SBS) 89p.
  51. Stress Among Indian IT Professionals Causes Consequences and its Management
  52. Study Of SAAS (Software As A Solution ) Model With Detailed Analysis Of HRMS.
  53. Synthesis And Evaluation of New Moleculer Recognition Technical Doctor of Philosophy Thesis 311p.
  54. Telecom Dept
  55. Telephone Directory
  56. Waste Management 34p
  57. Web Application in Data Mining to Predict Future View of Stock Exchange Market
  58. Web Browser Final.
  59.  Work Life Balance Issues among Indian IT Professionals An Empirical Study CIS Report.