MBA Finance Research Projects

  1. Study of Working Capital Management of Organization
  2. Valuing Companies in the Wake of Recession Using Different Valuation Models
  3. Study to Assess the Perception of Mutual Fund Investors
  4. Analysis-of-Financial-Statement-Kirloskar
  5. A-Project-Report-on-FDI-and-Its-Impact-in-India
  6. Analysis of Investor Perception, Apprehension and Decision Making in Indian Stock Markets
  7. Camel Framework evaluation of India Banks
  8. Study of Capital Management
  9. Study of Cash Management in SBI
  10. Comparative analysis of Axis Bank with other bank
  11. Study of Portfolio construction
  12. Study of Mutual Funds in India
  13. Empirical study on performance of Mutual Fund in India
  14. Study of Financial Statement using Ratio Analysis
  15. Financial Planning for Individual Investor
  16. Perception of Prudent CAS Investors towards Mutual Funds
  17. Study of Housing Finance Sector
  18. Study of Mortgage Loans in India
  19. Income Tax Planning with respect to Individual Assessee
  20. Investment Pattern of Salaried People
  21. Study of Investment Analysis of Individuals
  22. Study of Ratio Analysis of Organization
  23. Micro insurance: Perception and Need Of Low Income Group
  24. Study of Portfolio Management Services
  25. Role of Financial Institution in Capital Market in India
  26. Study of Future Wealth Management
  27. A Study of Reverse Mortgage Scheme in India
  28. Study on Risk Perception and Portfolio Management of Equity Investors in India
  29. Study of Awareness & Knowledge about Wealth Management among Individuals